Production Area is 4000 m2.


Mutlu - Huzurlu - Stratejik Çözüm Ortağınız

Thank you for visiting the website of the company MHS Özel Güvenlik ve Koruma Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. With our teams of founders and leaders, which has worked successfully for many years with the Turkish armed forces and the Directorate General of the Police, we have adopted a principle based on honesty, reliability, faith and respect for human rights. We have analyzed the security gaps in the sector and decided to use the many years of experience that we have accumulated during our service in this sector. Our goal is to take a respectable place within the security sector within a very short time.

By offering happy - peaceful - strategic solutions, we would like to accept, with experts and professionals, a disciplined and selfless sense of duty within the framework of the law and be the first name to be remembered when the keyword of private security comes up.

- Müşteri memnuniyetini en önde tutmak
- To keep customer satisfaction at the forefront
- To adopt lawful behaviors as a principle
- To lay great importance on education and continuous renewal
- To provıde problem-free service
- To love and respect our staff
- To become a big connected family
- To be respectful and sensitive towards the environment
- To place great importance on occupational health and safety
- To provide fully equipped and modern security service  

To make and be happy

To ensure peace and be peaceful

To be your strategic solution partner

We as MHS security, undertake to protect you and your loved ones and would be happy if we could see you on our way at our side.